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34 Days

Christian D

Christian and Sandra wrote about their experience with RMH located inside Texas Children's Hospital.

"It was the most difficult time in our lives to wake up in the middle of the night with our daughter crying out of control because of a severe headache. We did not know what was going on but our little Sofia, just 6 years old who was always in good health had to be helicoptered into Texas Children Hospital after doctors had to induce a coma because of an internal bleed in her brain.  Our world came to a complete stop and we felt hopeless having our baby in a coma for the next 2 weeks.”

“We found out about Houston’s Ronald McDonald House after the second day at Texas Children Hospital. With so much on our minds, we did not want to leave our daughter but having a place to rest inside the hospital was very comforting for my family. Staff and volunteers were so caring and wonderful. Always willing to help out and lend you a hand in such a difficult time. Being able to share moments with other families that were experiencing the same pain, having a home cooked meal and all the little things we take for granted were given by caring staff at Houston’s Ronald McDonald House.”

“After being in the hospital for 22 days and several brain operations later, our daughter is now in good health. We are very grateful to Houston’s Ronald McDonald House for all the support and help during that time. It is a great organization with an amazing network of people. It is a great cause and we will continue to support it.”

-Christian & Sandra

Laura C

Laura C. wrote about her experience with RMH located inside Texas Children’s Hospital.


“Sheer terror was what I felt when my newborn son, Isaac, entered the intensive care unit at Texas Children’s Hospital.  My baby was struggling for his life, and although I live in Houston, I did not want to leave the hospital for even a minute.  Worried, weary and afraid, I sought comfort and some rest.”


“I had no idea that Houston’s Ronald McDonald House had a facility inside TCH across the hall from intensive care.  There I found a clean, comfortable bed where I could nap in a private room and take a warm shower where I would stand and cry.  Caring volunteers offered me not only compassion but also home cooked food, coffee when I needed it, toiletry items, a phone card to call out of town relatives and even a washer/dryer so I could have clean clothes.”

“I am happy to say that my baby boy is now a strong, healthy one-year-old.  Looking back on his days in the hospital when I came close to losing him, I cry again—tears of gratitude for the highly-skilled staff at TCH and for RMH volunteers who cared for me in my time of great need.  Houston’s Ronald McDonald House is very worthy of our support so that other moms and dads can be close by and survive the trauma of a child being desperately ill. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gifts to the House that love built.”


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