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About Trafigura

Trafigura is one of the largest independent companies trading commodities today.  We handle every element involved in the sourcing and trading of crude oil, petroleum products, renewable energies, non-ferrous concentrates and refined metals.  1,900 of our people operate in offices in 44 countries across the globe to give us the local knowledge to  anticipate and respond to variations in global supply and demand.

In the oil sector, Trafigura has access to over 45 million barrels of storage facilities through a combination of owned terminals under its PUMA network and long-term lease agreements with third party oil terminals; we also time charter in excess of 75 vessels worldwide.

In the metals and minerals sector, Trafigura has grown in all areas of the supply chain.  Trafigura has expanded its mining investment activities to incorporate projects in Africa, and is a significant stakeholder in various publicly listed mining entities.  Trafigura owns and operates mines in Peru and various concentrate storage facilities in Africa, China and South America.  Trafigura also owns LME approved warehouse facilities in Asia, Europe and America.

Capitalizing on resource trading and investment expertise Trafigura has diversified into asset management through the development of offshore hedge funds.

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